I have always been extremely passionate about design and love the fact that I have been able to make a career out of something I truly enjoy. I have spent most of my professional life designing and evangelizing innovative, user-centered products to senior stakeholders within market leading Fortune 500 companies. Living and working in downtown Chicago for well over a decade, I’ve been able to work with some of the most influential companies and brands in the world spanning the retail, CPG and financial industries. My diverse background combined with my relentless efforts to exceed customer expectations has gotten me consistently recognized as an innovative performance oriented leader who can deliver business results. I’ve had the honor to speak on design strategy panel at one of the largest conferences in the world, and received numerus awards for my work. However, my greatest accomplishment has been my ability to create influential products and experiences that have been used and enjoyed by billions of users around the world.

UX, Design & Creative Leader

I have been leading UX, Creative & Design teams for over 14 years while consistently partnering with cross-functional Product, Technology, Development, Brand and various other teams across the nation and globe. Throughout the duration of my career I have depended on a core set of design principles to influence my perspectives and decisions throughout the entire lifecycle of a project. From gathering requirements to conducting research to producing high-fidelity prototypes to creating design artifacts I have both hands-on and experience leading high performing teams in successful product launches.

Innovation Obsessed

I thrive working in environments where I can collaborate with brilliant teams to create innovative new ventures that redefine the status quo. My passion is incubating entirely new business models, products and experiences from the ground up but also enjoy the challenge of enhancing existing flagship products and experiences. I have lead the innovation process for both startups and established market leading organizations alike and take pride in developing superior customer-centric solutions that are commercially viable and result in meaningful business growth.

Diverse Industry Experience

I’ve spent most of my career consulting or working within the Retail, CPG and Finance industries for some of the largest and most influential companies in the world. I thrive working within fast paced organizations that both empower and inspire their teams to think big, take risks, and relentlessly focus on achieving demanding business goals. I have led numerous highly transactional large scale initiatives that have resulted in billions of transactions. So needless to say, I and am no stranger to the pressures of managing highly visible projects and executive management. Perhaps one of my greatest attributes is my ability to deliver what is sometimes considered the seemingly impossible, do it at scale, and make it look relatively easy.

Recognition & Awards

I typically determine a project’s success based on my ability to achieve business goals and improve the overall customer experience, however it does feel great when industry peers recognize that the work you’re doing is raising the bar for the entire industry. So I figured I’d highlight a few ways my work or I have been recognized. Most recently my team won a Gold Effie for designing a pretty cool Times Square activation for the launch of Flonase. While at Walgreens my team won two Webby Awards for launching the Walgreen’s mobile app. While at Charles Schwab I was elected by executive management to lead our internal innovation team and while working on Home Depot I was asked to be a Design Strategy panelist at a digital marketing conference which is now Dream Force by Salesforce. While I value these achievements, I consider my ability to design easy to use experiences that have helped billions of users achieve their goals my greatest accomplishment.