What is a leader?

There are many definitions and theories of what makes a great leader and what effective leadership is. To me leadership isn’t a title or position, it’s a mindset and resulting behavior. No matter if leading a small two person team or an entire business unit, an effective leader knows how to influence and inspire actions from others, impact the business and turn even the most ambitious visions into a reality. I believe that a leader’s principles should evolve over time and ideally align with the business principles of the organization. So with that in mind, below is a set of core principles that routinely inform my perspectives, actions, ambitions and successes as a business leader every day.

Customer Obsession

Knowing the wants, needs, behaviors and opinions of customers through relentless research and testing is the most valuable insight a company can have.  I pay attention to competitors, but I obsess over customers.

Think Big

I love to think big and embrace exploring bold new directions.  I never let the status-quo limit thinking and believe good ideas can come from anywhere within the organization.

Own It

I take pride in everything my company, my team and I do. I leave my ego at the door and believe collaboration and collective ownership breaks down silos and creates amazingly innovative teams and cultures.

Highest Standards

I have extremely high standards and continuously push myself and team to raise the bar and deliver high quality products and innovative experiences.

Do more with Less

Having a bigger team doesn’t necessarily mean better results. I believe in building lean, high preforming teams made up of brilliantly efficient and resourceful thought leaders.

Deliver Results

I am a performance oriented leader who defines what success looks like upfront, thinks long term and never sacrifices long-term value for short term results.